Rukaneliö 3

RukaNeliö 3

Accommodation 8 | Bedrooms 2 | Bathrooms 1
Price from 100 € / night

Rukaneliö 3 is a cabin with excellent amenities and it’s located in a great spot with amazing views. 
The cabin offers comfortable accommodation for up to 8 people. Four guests in the two separate bedrooms and 2+2 in the loft area.  Rukaneliö 3 has plenty of room for children to play around outside during winter and summer. Pets are also welcome to the RukaNeliö cabin.


RukaNeliö is located in the Rukajärvi area in peaceful and secluded surroundings on top of Kaartovaara. The nearby forests and areas offer diverse terrain and good hiking trails. Situated nearby the beautiful Soukkelo River, the area also offers great berry picking possibilities. Outside the cabin is safe for children to play in the snow during winter time or in the sand-box during the summer.

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