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Experience the miracles of Ruka and the magical nature of Kuusamo.

Seasons in Ruka and Kuusamo are clearly differencing and you can experience a perfect winter skiing in the glow of aurora borealis, sledding the shining snowdrifts in spring, swim and wander on nightless nights of summer and hike through the gorgeous colors of the fall, all in the same resort.

Rukaneliö offers throughout the year cozy and high-end cottages in the luxurious views of Pyhävaara and great locations just for you.

At our resorts stays Families and Friends of all ages as well as Corporation assemblies.

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RukaNeliö 3

Accommodation 8 | Bedrooms 2 | Bathrooms 1

| 100m2 | Starts at 100€/ Night

Rukaneliö 3 is a cottage whit excellent amenities and it’s located in a great spot with amazing views. The cottage offers comfortable accommodation for up to 8 people. Four guests in the two separate bedrooms and 2+2 in the loft area.
Rukaneliö 3 has plenty of room for children to play around outside during winter and summer. Pets are also welcome to the RukaNeliö cottage.

Soukkelomukka 6

Accommodation 6 | Bedroom 3 | Bathrooms 1

| 65m2 | Starts at 75€/ Night

Soukkelomukka 6 is located at Rukajärvi area, 21 kilometers north of Kuusamo and 7 kilometers from Ruka ski area. The apartment has three bedrooms in total, two upstairs and one at ground level. Each bedroom have two separate beds. Living area, Kitchen and Dining area, Sauna, Washroom and two Toilets are located downstairs.

Things to do in Ruka!


There is a large variety of different kind of activities to do in Ruka during wintertime. The most popular and usual activities are cross-country skiing and downhill skiing, but there are many other activities to try as well. You could go for a snowmobile ride, tour skating, horse riding, rock climbing, or if you are in the mood for something truly exotic, why not try dog sledding, or reindeer sledding. There really is something for everyone available!


Summertime in Ruka offers a lot of things to do as well. There are some great hiking trails nearby, if you enjoy exploring the surrounding areas further and you can also go camping as well. Horse riding, cycling, white water rafting, canoeing are some of the favoured activities to do during the summer. Additionally, one of the most popular activities is fishing and this is mainly because of the beautiful, clear fish-rich lakes and rivers in Ruka. If you have a need for speed you should definitely try coming down the Front Slopes via the summer sled track.


Maybe a slightly underrated season of the year, but spring time in Lapland is truly amazing. The nature wakes up from its winter hibernation, the snow starts to melt and the sun is shining. Going for a hike to see the massive amounts of snow melting in sceneries filled with rapid streams is an experience like no other.


One of the most beautiful times to visit Ruka is during the autumn. You can experience the full glory of the fall colours in nature during this season. All shades of green, yellow and red are present, when the leaves change colour. There is something very beautiful and majestic when gazing upon this view, as when walking along trails while being surrounded by all the autumn colours. It’s also the perfect season for relaxing and cuddling up in front of the fireplace that RukaNeliö offers as a possibility for all its guests.